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Shady McGrady's Harrisburg PABackground Image Featuring 24 Taps of Microbrews
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We are closed. For now? Forever?

Harrisburg's Shadiest Bar

Well, we used to be. We're closed now. 



Vintage Shady McGradys Photographer Unknown

Shady's in the 1930s © Bad Photographer

Shadys Irish.jpg
Shadys Current Building Photo

Shady McGrady’s opened as an Irish Pub in 1998, and has always had a reputation as “Midtown’s Living Room" where weirdos, beer snobs, and regular joes come together in harmony.

In 2011, when an arson fire shut down the bar for several months, renovations were made to create the hole-in-the-wall pub until early 2024.

The two-story building has a long history dating back to 1900. City legend has it that the basement served as a speakeasy throughout the 1920s.

Shady McGradys in Harrisburg PA Midtown Interior Shot
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